Sunday, 13 July 2008

Back to knife crime......

Today it was announced in the popular press that 60 incidents of serious knife crime are carried out every day. With Jacqui Smith due to publish her long awaited Youth Crime Action Report this week, it must be hoped that stronger measures will be taken to combat this growing trend among the young. There is already dissent among the ranks with a spokesman for the Probation Service referring to the report as a 'damp squib', this is a doubtful remark, as the quality of Mrs Smiths team, including Sue Strickland MBE is not in doubt, Sue has an amazing record in the antisocial behaviour field.
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One of the plans appears to be that offenders will be taken to A&E wards to be shown victims of knife crime in an effort to address offending behaviour with shock tactics. This American idea is a step closer to hammering home the consequences of carrying a weapon. Perhaps shock tactics need to be used in a pro social way and aimed at instilling boundaries before the offending behaviour gets a chance to take hold? .......... Just a thought!


CABOT said...

According to This is London (London Standard Online) today it has been revealed knife crime in the capital has reached 7,428 in one year!

smurf said...

I think they should also talk to or see videos of people who have been stabbed or their families ( if the person has died and the family is will of course!)to say how this has made them feel and how it has changed their lives.
Shock tactic's should be used as it may be the only way to get through to some people.
Try and get them to see that this not only effects the person that has been stabbed but heir whole family.

CABOT said...

On Thursday the number of teenagers murdered in London this year reached 21.