Monday, 13 October 2008

Facebook scandal

A defence Barrister has been slated for using Facebook pictures of a rape victim to illustrate her "having a good time" after she was attacked!
All right, I know anyone accused of a crime is entitled to the best defence money can buy, but this takes us back to the days of defences like "She was asking for it!" "She shouldn't be dressed so provocatively!" and (Heaven forbid) " The 'victim' has a background of enjoying sexual relations with more than one partner"
Congratulations Colin McCarraher - You have put the legal system back more than 2 decades!

Thursday, 9 October 2008

Reductions in sentencing

Anybody else perplexed by the numbers of appeals for reduction of sentences being won by younger people who have been sentenced for murder or manslaughter recently?
I notice that the Killers of Sophie Lancaster are appealing their sentences, hopefully they won't be successful.

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Adopt a Neighbour

Too often these days stories are to be found in local papers about bodies being found weeks, months and in some cases years, before they are discovered. When this happens, local people are quick enough to slate the local authority and social services. Surely, we are all to blame equally?
Years ago, when the milk was left on the step of a neighbour or the newspaper or mail were sticking out of a letterbox the community rallied and notified the correct authorities that there may be a problem.
This was community spirit, not surveillance or interference.
*Find a neighbour, exchange phone numbers, tell them if you are going away!
*Look out for more vulnerable neighbours - if you are concerned about them talk to your local Police Community Support Officer, they can pop round and check if a person is all right.
This is another role Community Champions could take on, they could be a point of liaison between the authorities and the community.

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Read it and weep - for 17 year old Shaun Dykes

In Derby, 2:30 on Saturday afternoon a young man called Shaun Dykes was so distressed that he climbed up on the roof of a shopping centre and contemplated taking his own life. A crowd of people gathered to watch as Police Officers tried to coax him down. A minority of the people gathered (according to the Police and other witnesses) to watch this desperate young man started shouting, encouraging Shaun to jump.
At 5:30pm Sean jumped.

My thoughts are with Shaun's family at this time, may he rest in peace.