Friday, 11 July 2008


Restorative justice is the latest buzz within the criminal justice system. Could they not go one step further and bill convicted criminals the charge of the investigations against them? The money could be reinvested in prisons and would mean less of a strain on the public tax payers purse.
One way this could happen is that prisons are turned into industries and profits earned by inmates working could be used to make them self sufficient, after all what industry do we have left in the UK compared with our heyday?

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smurf said...

I think the prison system should be changed, making life inside a lot harder. I think the criminals shouldn't have all the mod cons like tv dvd etc. They should only have bunk beds in their cells and yes over crowd them maybe 4 to a cell. and only have basic meals nothing posh and unless of medical requirements no choices of meals. They should be made to work long hours and socialization time should not happen.
The type of work done should be done to benefit society make things that can be sold to communities and perhaps take in cleaning from outside sources like hospital sheets etc. The money that is then generated through this should be ploughed back in to the prison system to pay for the inmates keep and money made over that could be used to build bigger jails.This way the tax payers will not have to pay gross amounts to keep these criminals locked away they are becoming more self sufficient.but the offenders should not make any money as they have broken the law so they have to pay back society.
And education should not be used as an excuse to have a cushy time instead or hard and boring work detail.
Everyone now a days has a chance to have a education so this shouldn't be an excuse for the inmates- if they didn't manage to learn and live within the law why should they learn inside prison.
And before anyone mentions their human rights lets get this really clear the offenders didn't worry about the people who they've hurt whilst breaking the law.The only human rights offenders should have is to basic food and hard work - you should only worry about human rights for the rest of society that are law abiding. This is only my views though.