Tuesday, 1 July 2008


..... I read an article in my local newspaper about antisocial behaviour perpetrated by children of 8 and 9 years of age. Although I have total empathy with the people living with this, it needs to urgently be resolved, and they need support from relevant agencies, I was actually more disgusted by the comments left by a couple of members of the public who advocated enforced sterilization of the parents of the perpetrators. One man who tried that, I believe, was born in Austria!
I wonder, if they actually put an effort into joining an organisation to help redress the situation - instead of sitting at home spewing naziesque vitriol - the situation may improve.
More than ever today, family interventions are being used by organisations empowered to use tools, including parenting orders - because someone has smelled the coffee and realised that a holistic approach to address offending behaviour is needed, especially with youth, although when these interventions are ignored then the system should be geared to come down hard on repeat offenders.


smurf said...

I think that with youth/children committing crimes as young as this then that is a very worrying thought indeed!
I think that one way of tackling this would be to have primary school initiatives were someone from outside the school community comes in with some photos of people that have been hurt and ask the children a simple question- how would you feel if it was someone who you loved be it a mother or a grandmother? get the children to discuss it and try maybe through role-play get the children to think deeply about how crime can effect people.
this should become part of a citizenship curriculum.
This hopefully would get the children to maybe think twice before committing a crime.

CABOT said...

Hi Smurf, I have been an advocate of this approach for some years. I think unless you personalise learning about crime and ASB, some people are desensitised to it at a very young age, so need to be taught in a way that they can understand the consequences and apply them to themselves and their situations.