Monday, 30 June 2008


This article appeared today on several news sites. It involved a 14 year old girl and months of sustained antisocial behaviour culminating in actual assault against a frail 83 year old widow. Where has society gone wrong? Is it the schools? The parents? Why would anybody think an elderly person was 'fair game' to be on the receiving end of such behaviour?
The outcome?
A 2 year antisocial behaviour order.
It beggars belief.
I wonder if that seems a fair outcome to a fearful elderly lady who had trouble getting to sleep at night because of the campaign of terror she was subjected to?

I do not believe in custodial sentencing for children, but I think it is about time stock was taken, surely, there is some social education we could be undertaking to teach the young about acceptable behaviour in a way that gets the message across - Instead of locking stable doors after the horse has bolted.


Anonymous said...

Hundreds of Teenagers today gathered to show respect for Ben Kinsella and protest at the growing knife problem in the UK.
Another brilliant life cut short by mindless violence. My heart goes out to his family and friends.

smurf said...

I agree some part with what you have said but I think each case should be looked at individually in repeat offenders situation then I think that a more substantial punishment should be looked into perhaps bringing back a real deterrent a stint in something like the bad lads army but no cameras so the do not glamorise the punishment. But if this is a first offence then I think someone should look at the young person as a whole and try and work out what sort of acting might work best on the individual some might be talking to the person and/or families that have suffered at the hands of the child to make them understand a realize what their actions has done to the people.
it may be community service or an educational programme treat them as individuals though