Monday, 25 August 2008


Much is being made of the global recession and credit crunch, as it is financially affecting most families in the UK, with fuel, food and other goods being more expensive, topped by the rise in utility bills. It is more difficult to get a mortgage or loan at the present time.
In the last decade or so, credit has been so easily obtainable that the culture of saving up for luxury items has become almost non existent. Nothing really, has a value any more - if it can be replaced straight away, then it doesn't matter if it is not treated with respect.
This can sadly also be attributed to other values. Our society has become morally bankrupt. Respect used to exist within families and within the system - respect for parents, authority figures and for peers. This has almost been eradicated. The family unit is no longer strong, with both parents being forced to work, there are no role models at home, which in the first few years helps build character in a child which should reinforce them throughout their life. Even single parents have felt forced by the Government to go back to the workplace. Both parents and schools have been forced to look at how to discipline children, and to be honest - nothing seems to work (the threat of a smack was enough a couple of generations ago, but this is no longer admissible).


goooooood girl said...

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Anonymous said...

I agree that society has changed (and not for the better!)
whilst i agree that some people may have gone overboard with discipline what a generation ago? but on the whole it was the threat that was good enough and it didn't turn a generation into mindless yobs that show no respect - no it turn out a generation that show respect and they knew what was right and wrong.
sadly nowadays we have a new generation and in turn they are going to bring another generation with no respect for any one or anything.