Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Sick Bastards

I do not usually reproduce an article in full on this Blog but here goes...........
Rabbit torture filmed on mobile

A drunken Darlington teenager has admitted smashing a rabbit against a wall while her friend filmed the attack on a mobile phone.

The 14-year-old swung the pet by its ears and its skull could be heard cracking on the footage. It died later.

The teenager, who cannot be named for legal reasons, had drunk three litres of wine and claimed the four-month-old rabbit had bitten her.

She admitted cruelty and was given a referral order for 10 months.

A 17-year-old youth admitted a charge of aiding and abetting the girl to cause unnecessary suffering.

He will be sentenced at South Durham Youth Court, sitting in Bishop Auckland, in September.

The court heard how the girl was babysitting at a house in Darlington when she was egged on by her friends to abuse the family pet by smashing it against a wall four times.

'Extremely remorseful'

A 30-second video was then sent to several other people via Bluetooth.

The RSPCA has been unable to establish who filmed the incident.

Lucy Shuttleworth, defending the girl, said the animal's owner had already carried out her own "justice" and had been given a six month conditional discharge by magistrates for assaulting the teenager.

Ms Shuttleworth said: "She deeply regrets it and is extremely remorseful for what she has done."

'Absolutely horrendous'

Mr Abbott told the girl: "In my time as a magistrate, which is now 18 years, I heard never heard anything like this.

"The bench felt very strongly. If you are capable of doing this to animals, what else are you capable of?"

The referral order means the girl will have to be monitored by a youth offender team for 10 months in an effort to reform her behaviour.

The court also banned the girl from keeping animals for five years and ordered her mother to pay £455 prosecution costs.

RSPCA Inspector Mark Gent said: "This is the worst case of wilful animal cruelty I have seen in my career.

"What that rabbit went through was absolutely horrendous."

Story from BBC NEWS:

Published: 2008/08/20 15:30:54 GMT


Remorseful??????? After bluetoothing it to all their friends?????????????


Anonymous said...

And the proscecuted the pet owner for punching the girl out????????????????

Anonymous said...

What on earth is going on???????
how can the owner be prosecuted for punching this horrible nasty excuse for a human being but she basically gets almost let off
it was mindless violence and should be seen as the mindless violence t hat it was
what more gems can we expect from this horrible person- bring back the beerch